How to Download and Listen to ABEFC Sermons

A couple people have asked us recently how they can access Austin Bluffs Church sermons from their computer.  Not only can listeners save the sermons to their computer, but they can burn them to CDs as well!

The sermons are all in MP3 format, which can be played universally on all computers.  Your computer likely has the software already installed to play MP3 files, but if not I suggest downloading and installing iTunes.  It is a free program used by millions of people around the world, and it will make listening to sermons a breeze.

You can download iTunes on any computer, including Windows or Mac computers. Here is the direct link to download iTunes:

Once you install iTunes, you can download sermons from the ABEFC website ( by finding the sermon you want to download and clicking on the “Download” icon next to the sermon.  The Download icon looks like this:  Download MP3!

Once downloaded, you can drag and drop the MP3 files directly into iTunes and listen to them in iTunes.

You can also use iTunes to burn the MP3 files to a CD.  To do this, create a playlist in iTunes (click “File” from the top menu, then “New Playlist”).  Now you should see your new playlist folder listed in the left column of iTunes.  Drag and drop the sermon into that folder.  Now right-click on the playlist, and you should see a small menu pop up.  Select “Burn Playlist to Disc” from that menu.  Insert a blank CD into your computer, and follow the directions provided by iTunes.

Thank you for your interest in our church’s sermons.

ABEFC Office Manager

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