Kucherov – February 2011 Update

Rev. Kucherov, Alexander – Bolkhov town, Orel region, Russia

4th quarter 2010 report

I cordially greet you, dear Brothers and Sisters! I thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him and I am happy that you help my church and me to do the ministry!

Dear Brothers and Sisters! Would like to share a joyful news with you, which happened in our family in late 2010. A daughter was born to us on the 15th of December 2010! We called her Diana. I am afraid to bore you with details about the birth of Diana, but special joy fills my heart.

While being pregnant, my wife became ill with the chickenpox, and people said about dangerous after-effects of the illness. They said a child could be born blind and with other terrible illnesses. The only thing we could do was a prayer and our complete trust on the Lord! We thank all of you who prayed for us and continue to pray for us. I cordially thank you for your prayers for us!

I mentioned that I wrote you before about our plan about the visit of Christians from Pridnestrovie here. We met the “Russian Christmas” together with them (the 7th of January). You perhaps know that here in Russia, people celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January, but not on the 25th of December, according to the Orthodox tradition and various calendars. Our church celebrates Christmas twice – at first, we celebrate Christmas together with all other Christians in the world on the 25th of December, and then we celebrate it together with people in Russia on the 7th of January. We became friends with these men and decided to continue our cooperation. They are all young. Here, unfortunately, most of our church people are of pension age. Our church people knitted socks, scarves, and hats, and later on, we gave them out to kids and all needy people and congratulated them with Christmas. We talk to people sometimes using any chance to tell them about Christ.

Last summer, I visited the children’s summer camp. I hope to take part in the next summer Christian camp as a preacher and a spiritual counselor. Authorities make it difficult for us to have summer camps. They demand more and more things to be fulfilled. If we have the camp in summer, we will have to prepare the tents which will meet all their demands. There are no such tents in the shops. We are to order them or to make them ourselves. It is very expensive and I will have to recall my skills as a welder and make the frames of the tents myself. Please, pray for this need! Not much time is left before the camp.

Please, continue to pray for us! We also pray for you!

Your brother in Christ,

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