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". . . with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."
 Romans 15:6
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Alexander and Lada Kucherov

Russian Church Planters, SGA – Bolkhov, Orel Region, Russia


Ministry Update from June 2009 [via interpreter]

I cordially greet you, dear Brothers and Sisters! I thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him and I am happy that your church and you help me to do the ministry.

Thanks to God’s mercy we were able to have a winter camp together with the church in Mtsensk town. We have been having winter camps for kids for several years already. Our church brings there kids and leaders. Kids stay there during winter vacations and study the Bible through games and other interesting activities.

We began preparations for the summer camp. This summer we will have even more active share in the camp program and its organization. And we hope to have summer camps in the future organized by our church. We will send two leaders and a kitchen worker from our church to the camp.

Last March we met serious difficulties. We wanted to give a large family an opportunity to live in our old church house and give it to their ownership. When we began registration process we found out that our papers did not coincide with modern requirements. We appealed to various institutions and could not find solution. Then we appealed to the court, which lasted over a year. The process seemed endless. At last the court took our side.

I wrote in my pervious reports that there is Gnezdilovo village not far from us where we regularly meet with kids. We are going to invite 10 of them to the summer camp. Some of them are ready to be baptized and we keep contacts with them and try to visit them as often as we can.

Please, continue to pray for us and we continue to pray for you!