Worship Services at 8:00 am and 11:00 am
Our Theme:
". . . with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."
 Romans 15:6
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Front Range Bible Institute


FRBI 2015 Spring Quarter Course Flyer

Who We Are

Front Range Bible Institute (FRBI) was formed in 2006 in response to a shifting paradigm in theological education prompted by rising costs and relocation logistics associated with traditional biblical seminaries. The church-based Bible institute was developed as a complementary alternative for easily accessible, high quality and lower cost systematic theological training and ministry equipping. All for the purpose of assisting local churches accomplish the God-given mandates of the Great Commission.

FRBI operates as a 501 (c) iii non-profit theological ministry and according to guidelines of the Colorado Board of Higher Education as a degree granting institution. Our seminary trained faculty is dedicated to faithful service, and deeply committed to battling the neglect of sound theological teaching or its relegation to the “merely academic.”

Our Purpose

To see God progressively glorified through the equipping of His people for effective service and ministry.

Our Mission

To provide easily accessible theological training and ministry equipping that mirrors a traditional seminary in content and faculty training, and is geared to a level of intensity appropriate to the church-based setting.

We Are Dedicated to

The inerrancy and sufficiency of Holy Scripture
The Application of “Literal, Grammatical, Historical, Contextual” hermeneutics
The Literal six-day, ex-nihilo creation
The Scriptural distinctions between the church and Israel
Helping students turn systematic discipleship into a tool for future ministry
Seeing students progressively pursue growing personal holiness
The centrality of the local church in God’s redemptive plan

Our Programs

11 Week Quarters, 24+ hours of Instruction

Levels of Study & Cost per Course
Audit = $120.00, , or $200 total for a family of 2 or more
Certificate of Biblical Studies = $180.00
Bachelor of Biblical Studies = $300.00
Master of Biblical Studies = $300.00
Master of Divinity = $300.00
1 Time Registration Fee = $50.00

Areas of Study
Old & New Testament Exposition
Systematic Theology
Church History
Field & Ministry Training
World Missions
Biblical Languages

To learn more about FRBI & register online, please visit our website at www.frbible.org or contact Director, Scott Findorff at 719.331.225,
VA Benefits are accepted & ACSI recognizes instruction for continuing education. FRBI does not discriminate in race, color, national or ethnic origin.