Dave & Stacey Hare

World Team - Cameroon, Africa

Our goal is to translate the entire Bible for one of the 200 language groups in Cameroon, Africa that are still without the Scriptures. We are working under a church planting organization, World Team, because our desire is to see the Bible translated and taught simultaneously. Another member of our team will be focusing on evangelizing and discipling people while we translate. We are excited about this duel focus.

The region of Cameroon that we will be ministering in is very animistic. Missionaries have evangelized Cameroon, yet very few Bibles have been translated. The result is there there is a lot of “Prosperity Gospel” and, in many parts, a lot of syncretism (a mixture of some truths of Christianity plus animism). The church leaders that do know the true Gospel are begging us to come translate the Bible for them so that those in their church can become believers (if they are not already) and mature in their faith.

Since the language we will be translating for is not yet written down, and thus everyone is illiterate, our first term will be spent learning the trade language (French) then acquiring the target language and constructing an alphabet.

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