Arlen & Rhoda Johnson

Ethnos360 - USA

Arlen – Support for workers in limited access regions, helping to prepare those going to limited access regions through providing information, organizing orientation times and encouraging. There are 77 people in this region that we help. Also, Rhoda and I have been helping the tax office process tax returns for our people organization wide on a time available basis.

Rhoda – Assists Arlen with the above areas as well as editing documents for clarity, correct grammar and in some cases rewriting for use in limited access regions.

We were twenty years in the Philippines assisting in the areas of gov’t relations, accounting and children’s education. We will complete ten years in October at our home office working in member services (part of personnel department), communications and now in Creative Services.


Our children are Heidi 32, Kris 31, and Kyle 30. Heidi and Kyle are single; Kris is married to Meghan and they have Caleb who is 2 in August and a girl due in August this year. Rhoda and I have been married 34 years this June 8.

Areas of Prayer

Wisdom regarding the future and all the decisions that entails. I will be 64 this year. Prepared to take advantage of opportunities presented by the current political and economic situation. So many hurting people. Understanding how to best help our Creative Services workers and our leaders.