Global Outreach

Drs. Levan & Natasha Akhalmosulishvili

Slavic Gospel Association - Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr. Levan is a missionary pastor, evangelist, and mentor for pastors in Georgia.

Prayer - Pray for the church Dr. Levan pastors. The church is growing, but slowly. Pray for revival in Georgia. Pray that more believers in the church would help with ministry responsibilities. Pray that the Lord would protect Dr. Levan's family, as Satan often attacks them. Pray for Dr. Levan's third daughter, as she is having family problems.... Read more

Willio & Neecole Destin

More Than Bread - Haiti

Willio's goal as leader of More Than Bread is to bring glory and honor to God by coming alongside pastors and Christian church leaders to train them in the Word of God and the work of God. With the Bible as our sole authority, our main focus will be to equip Christian leaders in Haiti to serve Jesus Christ in local churches and related ministries. Ministries that are marked by... Read more

Todd & Lynn Dick

Children: Seth, Abigail, Hannah

Grace Ministries International - Croatia

Todd serves as a full-time professor, training future pastors at the seminary in Krapina, Croatia. He also travels extensively to provide mentorship, encouragement and motivation to the school's graduates who serve as pastors throughout Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. Todd also provides discipleship opportuntites within several churches through seminars and small group studies on topics such as marriage, parenting and Bible survey. Read more

Payton & Grace Downing

Children: Finn

Ethnos360 - Indonesia

Before Payton and Grace met, the Lord began to place a burden on their hearts and minds for missions. As they began to look more closely at what Scripture had to say, both of were challenged to pursue missions. As conversations happened and God placed people in their lives at the right time, they were spurred on even further. Their church family and the leaders at ABEFC got behind them... Read more

Gary & Charlene

Cru - USA

We minister to international university students and visiting scholars. (A visiting scholar is defined as a mid-career professional studying in America for one year from another country, usually in the fields of – lead college professors, CEO of large business, government officials, and doctors.) Our focus it to WIN them to Christ through various means of evangelism; BUILD the believers in the faith so they can reach their peers with... Read more

Dave & Stacey Hare

World Team - Cameroon, Africa

Our goal is to translate the entire Bible for one of the 200 language groups in Cameroon, Africa that are still without the Scriptures. We are working under a church planting organization, World Team, because our desire is to see the Bible translated and taught simultaneously. Another member of our team will be focusing on evangelizing and discipling people while we translate. We are excited about this duel focus.

The region of Cameroon... Read more

Josiah & Noeru Henderson

Fellowship International Mission - Japan

Josiah & Noeru felt God’s call to serve Him, and as they followed that call they found both a passion for Japan and an opportunity to serve Him there. They now serve with Fellowship International Mission working to serve the Church in Japan by brewing relationships that share life! Working alongside other missionaries to plant a church in Takasaki, Japan, the young couple seeks to make contacts, build relationships and... Read more

Arlen & Rhoda Johnson

Ethnos360 - USA

Arlen – Support for workers in limited access regions, helping to prepare those going to limited access regions through providing information, organizing orientation times and encouraging. There are 77 people in this region that we help. Also, Rhoda and I have been helping the tax office process tax returns for our people organization wide on a time available basis.

Rhoda – Assists Arlen with the above areas as well as... Read more

Jim & Lynette Karg

Village Missions - USA - Colorado

The Kargs serve with Village Missions in Murdo, SD. They have served with Village Missions in rural Kansas and Colorado. Prior to that, they were members of Austin Bluffs Evangelical Free church for 6 years before God called them into ministry to rural America. Having both grown up in rural areas, Jim and Lynette both know how difficult it can be to find a spiritually healthy church in a small town and... Read more

Eric and Dava Katzung

Children: Ellenor, Aurora, Estella

The Navigators - Taiwan

The Katzungs desire is to make disciples and see the Taiwanese church built up. Taiwan is in desperate need of the Gospel instead of any medicated approach to life’s challenges, suffering, and sin. We all know how empty, hopeless, and meaningless life is without Jesus, but more than 97% of Taiwanese don’t know Jesus yet. The Katzungs are trusting God for a Gospel Movement of everyday people living and discipling... Read more

Dr. Oleg & Svetlana Korotky

Slavic Gospel Association - Ashkelon, Israel

Oleg is the director of training among Russian speaking pastors, professor of theology, evangelist, and associate pastor of Ashkelon Church.

Prayer - Pray for Oleg, his family, and the congregation at Ashkelon Church, that they would be able to effectively preach the Gospel among Jews. Pray for Oleg and Svetlana's physical and spiritual health, that they can accomplish the ministry the Lord gave them to do in Israel. Pray for Oleg's daughter, Angelina, She... Read more


Grace Ministries International - Middle East

Church planting and leadership training in the Middle East Read more

Michael & Veronica Mishin

Slavic Gospel Association - Bolkhov, Russia (Orel Oblast)

Michael Mishin is a missionary pastor and church planter.

Prayer - Pray for the people who have started coming to the church, but have not trusted Christ as their Savior. Pray for the members of the church. Many of them are elderly and have health issues. Pray especially for an older man who has been assisting Michael in the ministry responsibilities, but has heart problems. Pray for the children's ministry at the church. Pray... Read more

Madhu & Jamin Padhia

International Bible Conference - Toronto, Canada

Madhu Padhia has been involved in Christian ministry in India since 1998. He has formerly worked as a professor at a Bible institute, evangelist, counselor, and administrator of mission-run social work agencies. Since his marriage to Jamin Subramanian, they have been serving the Lord together in India through International Bible Conference. Currently, they are ministering to the Indian immigrants in Toronto, Canada and building up the local leadership in churches.... Read more

Pavel & Elena Potupchik

Children: Anton, Mark, Phillip, Evelina, and Diana

Slavic Gospel Association - Begomel, Belarus

Pavel is a missionary pastor and church planter.

Prayer - Please pray for the Lord to bring people to the church who want to repent of their sins, trust Christ as their Savior, and live for the Lord. Pray for the finishing of the renovation work on the church building. There is a lot that needs to be improved and replaced. Pray for the children and youth at the church. Pray that they would... Read more

Reach Beyond

Formerly HCJB Global -

We are motivated to see the fulfillment of the Jesus' command to preach to make Him known in every nation, tribe, and tongue. In our age, that means reaching those who have never had the chance to hear who Jesus is and who often live in the most difficult places to do ministry. We are dedicated to doing just that through media, healthcare, and community development as the Voice and... Read more

Tim & Janet Roberts

Ethnos360 - USA

Tim and Janet ministered for 26 years, helping plant a church among the Western Tarahumara people in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. Their church planting ministry included evangelism, Bible lesson preparation, translation, teaching and discipleship in the Tarahumara language.  They also prepared literacy materials, taught literacy and did Bible translation checking. Along with these responsibilities came many community development projects and medical services. Tim and Janet Roberts’ lives have come... Read more

Vasily & Natalya Shemetov

Slavic Gospel Association - Korma, Belarus

Vasily is a missionary pastor and church planter.

Prayer - Vasily has a deep burden for those without Christ. Pray that the Lord would grant Vasily favor as he shares the Good News of the Gospel with unbelievers. Pray that the Lord would strengthen Vasily and his family for the ministries that lie before them. Pray that the Lord would provide an assistant to help carry some of the missionary and pastoral ministry responsibilities. Please... Read more

Victor & Tamara Shemetov

Slavic Gospel Association - Chechersk, Belarus

Victor is a missionary pastor and church planter.

Prayer - Pray for Mikhail Dvoretskiu, who attends Victor's church. Mikhail abandoned the church 15 years ago, but has now returned. Pray Mikhail would stay faithful and grow in Christ. Pray for the completion of the renovations and addition to their church building. Pray that the Lord would send brothers to the church who could assist in preaching the Word. It is common in Russion-speaking churches... Read more

Victor & Natasha Shobchuck

Children: Ksyusha, Victor, and Artem

Slavic Gospel Association - Zelva, Belarus

Victor is a missionary pastor and church planter.

Prayer - Pray for people who attend the church, but still have not come to the Lord in repentance. Pray for a spiritual awakening in elva and other villages (Sneznoe, Pustobrody, Konno, Ivashkovichi). Pray for the opportunity to open a missionary spot in the village of Borodichi. There is a house there and people can gather in the house, but it is not equipped with... Read more

Lonnie & Debbie Smith

Reach Global - France

Lonnie was born in Kansas in 1957, and moved to Nebraska jut before Jr. High School. The son of a printer, he learned the printing trade from his father. Debbie was born in 1956 in Connecticut and attended Calvary EFC in Trumbull until leaving home for college. Both received Christ through the influence of their churches at an early age. Debbie went to France for the first time in 1974,... Read more

Joshua & Naomi Smith

Reach Global - Mexico

The Smith family seeks to bring the gospel to one of the largest urban centers in the world: Mexico City. As a ReachGlobal team, their goal is to actively contribute to the development of a biblical, gospel-centered church planting movement in Mexico City and beyond. By meeting specific needs in the areas of church planting, leadership training, mentoring/discipleship, evangelism, mercy ministries, strategic planning/vision and strategic gospel partnerships, they hope to... Read more

Jeff & Beth Stebbins

The Navigators - USA

Through the Navigators, Jeff & Beth Stebbins minister to international students in Colorado. To numerous nearby universities, college and graduate students have come from around the world--many of them from countries that do not allow missionaries. Jeff and Beth assist them with practical needs, befriend them, and engage them in spiritual conversations. Read more

George & Harriett Walker

InterAct Ministries - USA

George and Harriett spent 18 years overseas in cross-cultural church planting. Their ministry began in January of 1978. That year they Lord sent them to the land of Papua New Guinea. There they had the privilege to pioneer a work with their co-workers, Bob and Noby Kennell, among the Bisorio people. The Bisorios were an isolated tribe with little contact with the “outside” world. By God’s grace there are now... Read more